Vision with the Muse: Create a Vision Book with card prompts from The Muse Mantra Deck.

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Learn a magical mindfulness practice called visioning. Over the last 25 years, I have held in-person workshops, I have guided women, of all ages from 16-90. Here I have translated that to an online course where I introduce you to visioning as a cool tool to support your health and wellbeing.

It is a beautiful mindfulness practice.

Even if you have created vision books and pages before, you won't have been guided by the Muse Mantra Cards. These will be new for your visioning process.

My aim is to open up an opportunity for you to spend some time connecting to your Inner Muse and listen to the whispers. There is no magic number here, if you have 10 minutes that's wonderful, 20 fantabulous, maybe even an hour, well .... that's truly magical.

I am pretty sure that after creating these 7 vision pages you will begin to hear some inner whispers.

What's included:

Video 1: Introduction to gathering your tools, prepping and planning (13.52)

Video 2: Cultivating a visioning practice (6.40)

Video 3: Intuitive Sifting: how to work your way through magazines.(17.00)

Video 4: Making your Vision Page: how to find the time and get started. (11.35)

Video 5: How to use your vision pages in your daily life. (7.42)​

An Audio Meditation: Close the Book (12.47)

An 15 page accompanying PDF guide for the course introducing the videos and each of the 7 Muse Mantra Prompts.

An Audio Book of the Accompanying Guide narrated by Julia (22.34)

A Snippet

The Muse Mantra Prompts: The 7 Vision Pages

Prompt 1: Find the Joy around you (video 10.21)

Prompt 2: My body feels relaxed. (video 4.30)

Prompt 3: Believe in the Beauty that is you. (video 3.27)

Prompt 4: Imagine the possibilities.

Prompt 5: Sometimes all we needs is to be still and invite the quiet time in.

Prompt 6: Make your passions a way of life.

Prompt 7: Today I’m going to sparkle.

With this course it is hoped you will:

  • be moved by your pages
  • feel confident by your achievement
  • be proud of your ability to create a page that not only speaks to you but also supports you and nudges you gently.
  • feel transformation happening.
  • begin to feel differently about yourself and your life.

Using this cool visioning tool empowers you, your health, self esteem, body confidence, bravery and purpose.

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8 Videos to guide and support, 1 Audio Meditation, A 15 page PDF Accompanying Guide and Audio Book of Accompanying Guide narrated by Julia Harvey.


Vision with the Muse: Create a Vision Book with card prompts from The Muse Mantra Deck.

0 ratings
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